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Welcome to the online submissions portal for the Canine Health Schemes (CHS). Here you will be able to submit dogs for scoring or grading under both the Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Schemes.

Coronavirus update:

In line with the easing of lockdown restrictions across the UK, BVA are advising that veterinary practices can begin transitioning towards as full a range of veterinary services as possible in a safe manner. This will be dependent on individual practice factors such as staffing levels, as well as the vets’ professional and clinical judgement, and we would urge all owners to respect their vet’s decision. 

CHS are now able to accept and process hip and elbow dysplasia submissions and will be holding weekly scoring and grading sessions from Wednesday 8 July.

We are aware that not all practices will be able to offer this service straight away due to factors such as staffing levels and social distancing, so we’re urging all owners and breeders to respect their vet’s clinical and professional judgement and be patient during this time.

Prioritising submissions

The CHS team will be prioritising the submissions that came in prior to and during the lockdown so there will be delayed turnaround on new submissions while we catch-up.

Covid-19 guidance

For the latest guidance and advice on Covid-19, please visit the BVA Coronavirus information hub.

Please note, only veterinary surgeons can make submissions through the online portal.

From the 5 August 2019, all submissions put through the CHS Portal, will not be checked and scored until payment is made.

Login and register

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For new users, please continue to the Login button at the top of the page and click on the register button

Guidance for users

To enable you to use the online submissions portal effectively, we have produced the below 'how-to' video to walk you through the online submissions process.

Please look at our guidance section for further information and instructional videos on radiography positioning.

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