Making an appeal

If for any reason you or the owner of the dog would like to appeal a decision, you can do so in the Submission history section of the portal, by clicking Appeal on the submission and following the relevant prompts. 

Owners can appeal their result(s) by following the processes below. Please be aware that the appeal process is prepared to either endorse, raise, or lower the score/grade.

Appeals to the Hip and Elbow Schemes

To appeal a result of a hip score or elbow grade, please follow the process below:

  1. The owner of the dog must lodge the appeal to the submitting veterinary surgeon within 45 days from the date of dispatch from CHS
  2. The veterinary surgeon, who originally took the radiographs and submitted them to the scheme, should lodge the appeal to CHS by going to the Submission history page and clicking Appeal on the submission and following the prompts
  3. The original radiograph will be re-scored/re-graded by a further pair of scrutineers and then by the Chief Scrutineer, whose decision is final
  4. The final result will then be relayed to the submitting veterinary surgeon
  5. The original certificate will be kept by CHS
  6. The cost of an appeal is £140.70 and the process can take up to 4 weeks