Guidance for Online Submissions

To help you to use the online submissions portal effectively, we have created the below guidance. We recommend reading the below guidance and watching the how-to video before making your first submission.

Quick links:

How to submit online video

To help you get started we have produced this 'how-to' video to walk you through the online submission process

Login and register with this site

If you wish to start making online submissions, please register for an account by going to the CHS Login page and clicking on the register button

If you already have an account, you can login in to your account via the CHS login button at the top of the screen. Please note that if you are a BVA member your username and login for the CHS portal will be different to your membership login. 


Your practice and personal details

The first time you use the portal please update the My Practice and Personal Details section. Once you’ve done this you will no longer need to enter your details or your practice on any submissions as the details on this screen will be automatically added for you. 

Please also add your practice under the Your Veterinary Practice section. There are vets across the country with similar names so please check the name and postcode before adding your practice. Once you've added your practice it may take a few minutes to process before you will see your details when you start a new submission.

Please note that this details section and the account generally, are intended for the submitting vet only and not for other practice staff.


Starting a submission

To start a submission, go to Start a submission on the menu. Here you will be asked to choose between Standard Submission (not a Kennel Club Assured Breeder) and Assured Breeder Submission. Within those two options you can choose:

  • Submit to the Hip Dysplasia Scheme
  • Submit to the Elbow Dysplasia Scheme
  • Submit to both the Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme

You will then be taken to the submission form where you can start filling in the information and uploading the radiographs.

If you want to save your submission and return to it later use the Save and Exit button. You will see your saved submission under In Progress Submissions.


Save your submission and complete it later

You will find submissions you started but didn't complete under In Progress Submissions. If you click on the Edit Stage button you can resume your submission.


Paying for a submission

Once you have submitted you can pay using a credit or debit card in the My Invoices section. From here you can either pay for a single submission by clicking on the Pay Now button under My Outstanding Invoices.

You can also pay all the invoices for your practice by clicking on View all Practice Invoices. This batch payment method could save you a good deal of time.

Please note: Submissions will not be scored or graded until payment has been received in full by CHS.


Submitting DICOM images

When making your submission, you can upload your radiographs directly to this online portal. All radiographs must be in a DICOM format - all other image types including JPEG, TIFF, EPS and GIF will not upload.

DICOM files are typically large and how much time it will take to upload to this portal will depend on a number of factors including your internal practice network and internet connection.

Radiograph machines typically save radiographs with long numerical file names. This makes it tricky to identify them when you try to upload them to the portal. To make this easier we suggest saving the dog name as part of the file name. For example: “Millie Gillon-Left Elbow-Ext-1.DICOM”.

When uploading your radiographs, we would advise you to use the Save and Exit button to save all your information before attempting to upload images. This will save the information you have entered.

You can use the ADD button to upload multiple images as part of the submission.

DICOM files are typically very large so we would also suggest you shouldn't try to upload multiple submissions across lots of browser windows at the same time as this will cause your uploads to slow down.


Marking your radiographs correctly

When submitting your DICOM images you must ensure the following information is included:

  • The Kennel Club Registration Number (from the top right hand corner of the KC Registration Certificate) for dogs registered with the KC no other form of identification for KC registered dogs is acceptable
  • For dogs not registered with the KC, identification as used by the veterinary practice, other registering body or breed club may be used
  • Microchip or tattoo number
  • The date of radiography
  • Left and / or right marker(s)

Radiographs which are not correctly identified will be returned to the submitting veterinary surgeon and an appropriately identified radiograph requested.


Radiograph quality

Some points to consider:

  • Correct exposure is essential to provide a radiograph of good diagnostic quality
  • When radiographing a large or fat dog it is usually necessary to use a grid to minimise the effects of scattered radiation on the image
  • The image should show good radiographic definition and contrast, and the dorsal acetabular edges (DAE) should be visible superimposed by the femoral heads
  • The radiograph should be checked for correct positioning, exposure and image quality while the dog is still restrained in case a further radiograph needs to be taken

Positioning the dog for the radiograph

We have produced two how-to videos for helping vets optimise the positioning of dogs for successful radiographs.

How-to-guide for radiographic positioning for the Hip Dysplasia Scheme

How-to-guide for radiographic positioning for the Elbow Dysplasia Scheme



Checking the progress of your submission

Once you have made your submission you can track the progress within the My In Progress Submissions section. Here are different statuses within the section and what they mean:

  • Submitted not paid - you have completed your submission but not yet paid for it so it will not be checked by CHS staff 

  • Submitted and Paid - you have completed your submission and paid so it can now be reviewed by CHS staff in preparation for scoring or grading

  • Data Verification Completed- CHS staff have reviewed your submission and will now allocate it to the next available examination session

  • Pending - CHS have reviewed your submission and may have found an issue which they will contact you about

  • Allocated - CHS staff have allocated your submission to an examination session

  • Scored / Graded - Your submission has been scrutinised and a score or grade given - your certificate should now be available via the portal

  • Rejected - CHS scrutineers have not been able to provide a result during the examination session and CHS staff will be in touch to explain why

  • Under appeal - the submission is currently under appeal

  • Appeal complete - the appeal for the submission is complete

If you have any questions you can get in contact with the CHS team.


Downloading certificates

Once your submission has been scored or graded by the CHS scrutineers a locked PDF copy will be made available in the My Certificates section of the portal. You will be able to download a copy for your records and pass on a copy to the dog owner. The results will also be published on the Kennel Club website.



Once your submission has been scored / graded the certificate will be added to the portal. If for any reason you wanted to appeal the decision, please visit the CHS website to find out more about the appeals process.

If you have any questions about the online submission process, please contact the CHS team at